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Project Description
Rotate list items using jQuery and web-services.

This jQuery plug-in is used to display animated SharePoint content anywhere in your SharePoint site. Data is retrieved through web services. This is a javascript-only solution that can be integrated using SharePoint Designer.

  • Retrieve items from SharePoint lists and display them one by one with fading animations.
  • Easy integration : As it is 100% javascript based, SPItemsRotator can be integrated easily without deploying any server-side code.
  • This project uses the jQuery.SPServices plug-in to retrieve data using web-services.

Javascript dependencies These can be easily added to a SharePoint site, see Setup the SharePoint site for SPItemsRotator

Documentation and examples
  • Items are displayed with security trimming. Users can't see items they don't have access to.
  • Modify options to tune the rotation delay.
  • For smooth fading, SPItemsRotator requires a fixed height on the container div.
  • rotateAnnouncements() and rotatePictures() are basic methods that can be implemented by users familiar with jQuery.
  • To rotate items below the quick-launch, add the container and script to the master page using SharePoint Designer, instead of adding it into a web part.

Please report bugs and suggestions, and contact me if you wish to participate to this project
My french technical SharePoint blog : Arnault Nouvel

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