Setup the SharePoint site for SPItemsRotator

Upload the 3 necessary scripts to a document library.
For the sake of simplicity I recommand using the "Style Library" library, because it's files can be accessed with basic permissions.
If the site does not have the Style Library, use either an existing library or create a new one. Make sure all users have read-access to it's content, see Security tuning for publishing sites for details about security.

Upload the 3 required scripts to the library : After uploading the files in the library, make sure you check-in/publish/approve the files if necessary.


Register the 3 scripts in the site's master page
  • Connect to your site using SharePoint Designer
  • Navigate to _catalogs/masterpages
  • Edit the master page of your site (usually default.master)
  • Locate the closing </HEAD> tag, you will register the 3 scripts before it
  • Add a <script> tag for each of the 3 necessary scripts
  • Make sure you check-in/publish/approve the master page

You're done, start using SPItemsRotator in site's pages !

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